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Monday, 3 October 2011

Call for third (3rd) round application

Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) in collaboration with the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) and higher education institutions hereby informs prospective applicants for academic year 2011/2012 that the application for third round is now open. Applicants eligible for this round are the following:
1.   Previously unselected but qualified applicants
2.   New Applicants who have never applied before
3.   Selected applicants without loan (Who wants to transfer/ change programme)
N.B: The above groups of applicants will only be allowed to choose one programme of their choice.
The system perfoms auto-selection by searching the programmes that an applicant qualifies and this takes some time to complete. Applicants are requested to be patient without disturbing the process. Once programmes are displayed, the applicant should select only ONE programme and that completes the selection process.
How to apply
a) Selected applicants with loan - They can login as usual but they will not be able to apply/change anything.
b) Selected applicants without loan -The selected applicants without loan who wish to change the programme have first to remove an existing selected programme which is on the right hand side by clicking the left arrow. Then select new qualified programme from the list on the left using the right hand arrow, then click 'submit' button.
c) Unselected applicants - They have to follow instructions as they are in item (b) above.
d) New applicants - Register first as normal, and do as step (b) above.
For applicants holding foreign certificates they have to upload all necessary documents as instructed in the students' guidebook; and during registration, they have to follow proper link as indicated on the registration page.

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